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How to start a blog for dummies

How to start a blog for dummies

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways of communication and spreading information about your brand and business. It’s a great way to express yourself and also to express yourself and also a fantastic way to share information with our community. How to start a blog for dummies step by step as:

Here is complete and step and step process how to start a blog?

Step 1: Select your Niche

 The niche is the subject or topic of your blog and if you want to bring your blogging into something that is profitable online, you have to be wise in choosing a niche. Choose a niche that can make profits online, but of course, you also have known about that niche. You can write on different topics such as travel blog, food blogs, life experience personal blog and many others but it’s better to choose a field on which you interest, passion and some knowledge.

Step 2: Analysis of your Audience

The second step is the audience analysis, understand the audience and search keywords for your website. The right keywords are your key to getting your blog indexed in the search engines and of course, the higher you go up the search engines ranking, the better is your chance of getting targeted traffic to your site.  In fact that there are already millions of blogs, you have to make sure that you can climb higher in the search engines and make your blog visible to a wider possible audience online to boost the profitability of your blog.

Step 3: Finalized your Domain Name

An easy-to-recall domain name is important in blogging and even in putting up your own website online. This will serve as your address in the online world and it is important to choose a domain name that well-represents your niche and have your keywords. It is also important that you choose a domain name that is easy to remember so that people can go directly to your site.

Step 4: Introduction

Next step is to introduce yourself. Give an overview to your audience about yourself, it very important because it increases your trustworthiness. Also, add a contact form that can provide information about your audience. For the ease of audience add the email address and social media pages.

Step 5: Domain Name Registration

Find a relevant domain name for the blog. This will be your personal blog address where people find your awesome articles over and over again. For example, Google’s domain is Your new blog domain name will be

Web Hosting – Web Hosting is home of your blog address and content that’s on the blog. Without web hosting, you’ll be unable to use your domain. It is like the hardware of a computer.

Step 6: Theme Selection

you will need a professional theme for your blog and although you can actually find a number of online sites that allow you to use their free templates and designs, it is important that you also have your own custom design that fits your blog niche and that will make it more appealing. If you can handle designing your own blog, you can, however, do it yourself but it would be wiser to find someone to do the designing for you, but make sure to let him know what you want.

Step 7: Blog Articles

Your blog must have to have updated and valuable content as well. Good websites are often those that provide something useful, something that entertains and something where people can find answers to their questions and problems, thus make sure your blog can provide one or a number of them and make sure as well that your blog contains up-to-date information. Choose an attractive heading for you content people have decided in just a second whether they click on your website or not It’s heading of your content that attract them. Some must have headings that are simple but powerful,  catchy, contains your main keywords and bold it. The final step is to read your content before publishing it.

How to start a blog for dummies main Skills

On page SEO

Do on-page SEO of your content because it’s the essential part of online marketing. There are many benefits of on-page SEO ,it would increase your traffic, work in developing a user-friendly site by optimizing the content of your site, going ahead of your competitors who are into a similar kind of business, your chances of earning a good return on your investment is high if you do effective on-page SEO. It includes keywords optimization, ALT image tags,  including headings and finally do not plagiarize.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page, SEO is to achieve backlinks from other websites in order to get the top ranking in the search engine optimization. Its also useful strategy for getting traffic for your website that increases your blog popularity.

Call to Action Button

A call to action button is a button or text message to motivate your action to complete the desired goal. The goals are signing up, purchasing and subscribing. The better your call to action, the higher the conversion rate. And the placement of the call to action must be relevant.

So here you get a complete overview of how to start a successful blog for your business and promote your business.

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