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The fire of digital marketing is spreading rapidly throughout the world and companies like Facebook and Google haven’t waited to jump in to harness its power for their advantage. To make their marketing methods legit and digital marketers skilful; Facebook has introduced certifications which will embody a certain level of mastery in this field.

Facebook Blue Print Certification also known as Facebook Ad Certification are two certifications which aim to produce skilled professional individuals. The two certifications are “planning” and “buying”. At the moment Facebook only recognizes these two certificates as legit for the ad platform. The exams for these certifications might be challenging but can be overcome with the right preparation and experience under the belt. The certifications require ample amount of effort to pass and thus hold a lot of integrity in the digital marketing industry.

To earn the Planning Certification, you must complete and pass the two required exams:

  • Exam 310-101: Facebook Advertising Core Competencies exam.
  • Exam 222-101: Facebook Planning Exam.

To earn the Buying Certification, you must complete and pass the two required exams

  • Exam 310-101: This is the Facebook Advertising Core Competencies exam—the same exam that is required for the Planning Certification.
  • Exam 221-101: This is the Facebook Buying Exam.


The Facebook Blueprint certification exams do not go easy on the pocket. An amount of $150 is charged per exam. The exam fee sometimes differs depending on which country the candidate belongs to and in order to become certified, you will need to take the Facebook Advertising Core Competencies exam in addition to either of the media professional exams – the Facebook Certified Planning Professional or the Facebook Certified Buying Professional – to receive your certification and digital badge.

How to prepare for the exam?

The candidate needs to be familiar with the knowledge and skill requirements for each exam. A six months hands-on-practical experience is recommended in a relevant Facebook advertising role depending on the competency. Along with this a great amount of emphasis given understanding and applying the skills, analyzing and evaluating various case studies and scenarios, and being able to put the skills into practice.

Passing Criteria

The grading scale for these exams is scaled from 300 to 1000. A score of 700 or above is considered to be the passing threshold. The official scores for the exams are confirmed within a time frame of 48 hours and sent to the inbox from CertMetrics-the Certification Tracking System. In case an email notification is not received with the attached score report, the candidates can contact the Facebook Blueprint Support to get their issues resolved.

In a nutshell, it is of utmost importance for marketers to get their Facebook Blueprint Certification because the certification program is growing in popularity by the second. To ensure a certain standard of work and quality, the certification is being endorsed to employers and customers.

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