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How to get google adwords certification

Striving to get a grasp of an in-demand profession is something that every individual seeks. Digital Marketing is a profession that is thriving sublimely and with ease. Therefore it’s slowly tipping the scales and evoking possibilities for the marketers that they had not yet explored. So smart gadgets have led the industry to set their course towards a new horizon and exploit the bounties it has to offer. Therefore promoting and branding business through digital media is the fastest and reliable mode of marketing to target mass audience. Every uncharted territory demands merit and the same is the case with digital marketing.

The tech giant, Google, is a nursery for new digital marketers and offers an online platform to them with the purpose of helping them showcase their products. So this platform goes by the name of GoogleAds”, previously known as “GoogleAdwords”. Therefore the advertisers use this platform to display their advertisements, products, video contents and also generate mobile application installs within the GoogleAd network to web users. 

What is Google Adwords certification?

First Google AdWords Certification is accreditation of utmost importance. It is one of the handful few institutionalized approaches to demonstrate a specific dimension of information or topical pertinence. Google AdWords accreditation is a procedure by which Google perceives advertisers as specialists in web-based publicizing.

How to get google adwords certification?

Candidates who seek to achieve this certification need to appear in two exams. After clearing these two exams the candidates will get a personalized certificate and will start to appear on a Google Partners public profile page.

There are two exams that candidates need to clear:

Firstly a fundamental exam is to be taken. This exam assesses the candidate’s ability to manage and optimize different campaigns.

The second exam is a cluster of sub-exams. Each focusing a different section of the advertising field. It tends to analyze and asses the individual’s knowledge and capabilities with respect to creating, managing, measuring and optimizing specific advertising campaigns.

The heading for the sub-exams are as under:

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising

How to prepare for it?

Passing the two exams isn’t much difficult, with enough practice and determination one can easily pull themselves through. Therefor to ease out the process and make this more convenient Google Academy provides PDF Guides and Video Tutorials for all the exams. So the guides and tutorials make the learning process easy and efficient. Therefore theoretical knowledge isn’t enough to pass such exams and to fill that void and ample amount of practical experience and practice is necessary. By creating and managing a few ad words campaign the candidates can polish their practical skills. Therefore the analytics course is designed in such a way that you have to use the platform as Google gives you a demo account to practice.


Many individuals out there want to get themselves certified but are hesitant because of the fees that need to be paid for certifications. So the good news about Google AdWords certification is that it does not cost anything anymore. Therefore Google revised its policy about this certification a few years back and ever since then the certification is free of cost. So all the certification exams for Google AdWords are now available with Academy for Ads.

Passing Criteria

The passing score for each exam is 80% and each one comes with a corresponding time limit. All exams are available for free. So if in case you don’t meet the passing score on your first try, you may retake the exam after 7 days. Once you pass the exams, you will get a printable certificate from your page on your Partners account.

Exam Passing Score Time limit
AdWords Fundamentals 80% 120 minutes
Search Advertising 80% 120 minutes
Display Advertising 80% 90 minutes
Mobile Advertising 80% 90 minutes
Video Advertising 80% 90 minutes
Shopping Advertising 80% 90 minutes

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