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Domain Name and Web Hosting Packages

Before discussing domain name and web hosting packages lets first discuss the scope.

The Internet has turned into a carnival of web hosting companies. There is no doubt about the fact that websites in Pakistan are piling up and more websites generate more opportunities for hosting companies. Local companies have sprouted throughout the country to have a bite of these opportunities. But for some reason, the clients are not very happy with these local hosts and prefer to work with the foreign ones. The market is currently being dominated by giants such as Bluehost, Godaddy and HostGator. All these companies carry the traits of reliability and trustworthiness that attracts webmasters and make these hosts the preferable choice. For a seasonal techie or a layman, scouting new hosts can be daunting. To make it hassle-free for them here is a comparison of the top three mentioned companies.


Starting off with Bluehost. A renowned name in the web hosting society, it started its odyssey back in 2003. This web host has become a reliable and resilient icon for the webmasters. To target users of various needs, Bluehost has kept its packages flexible and offers its customers with three plans which are Basic, Plus and Prime. The three plans come with a disk space of 100GB and an uptime of 99.98%. Pricing is a feature that is of utmost importance while selecting a web hosting company. The monthly price bracket of the Basic plan is $3 to $5, Plus plan is $5 to $8 whereas Prime is $5 to $15. Bluehost always seems to be having a sale and so the starting price of the Plus and Prime plan shrinks to a minimum of what the actually are. It is a reliable service which provides performance with user-friendly features.


Moving on to the next competitor. Godaddy’s performance as a whole doesn’t appeal much when compared to Blue Host or HostGator. What makes it stand out amongst the rest is its hosting capabilities. The three plans with which GoDaddy jumps in the arena are Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate. All three plans include unlimited disk space, an uptime of 99.99% and a cPanel integration. To make all this more appealing they also offer a free domain when you sign up. The monthly price bracket being offered by GoDaddy are; Economy: $4-$8, Deluxe: $6-$11 and Ultimate $9-$17. At first sight, the client can notice the higher price tags when compared to its competitors. The only things that help GoDaddy reel clients are the “all in one place” strategy. GoDaddy offers domains, hosting and website building tools all in one place. But the price tags take a heavy toll and weigh GoDaddy down in the race.


HostGator has come a long way since its birth in 2002. Its performance and a 24/7 support put it easily ahead of the rest. The price tags of its plans help to diversify its target audience with personal blogs and businesses alike. HostGator offers Hatchling, Baby and Business for its web hosting plans. All plans include unlimited disk space, 99.99% uptime, extensive 24/7 support and an integrated cPanel. These features are very much similar to its competitor Bluehost but what puts HostGater ahead is its customer care quality. In case the uptime falls short, HostGator adds one month of credit to the user’s account. The price bracket for HostGator are; Hatchling: $3-$11, Baby: $4-$12 and Business: $6-$17. The short-term contracts will be closer to $11 than $3. To get the cheapest rates one has to sign up for 36months. It might seem like a bold step but once you see the services and the quality of it, the user usually doesn’t argue on that step. HostGator is a superb web host and the best of the lot.

In a nutshell, all three web hosts are top of the line their field and have the best domain name and web hosting packages. It depends on the demands of the site being hosted which option the webmaster prefers. But to get an overall prowess and performance HostGator is the best option.

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