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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Let’s discuss Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a paid advertisement that is for creating branded awareness and publicity of business product and services while using the world’s largest social network, Facebook. Placements on Facebook include the news feed, the sidebar, and the audience network on mobile.

Google advertising

Google advertising is a paid advertising that allows brands to intensify their messaging while the Google network. That includes over 2 million websites on its display network and the results pages of 3.5 billion daily searches.

Both Facebook and Google are advertisement platform. Although they are different from each other they are useful for advertisement and for brand awareness. They have a similar function of advertisement but both do it in a different way. One big difference is that Google is a search engine while Facebook is social media.

Google ads have to pull marketing strategy and Facebook is for brand awareness.

Audience Type

Facebook enables us to advertise to people who are not searching for your products. Facebook ads generate awareness of products and services.
On the other hand Google searcher on a mission. They are looking for specific people and want to find what they’re searching for.

User intent is the key difference between facebook and google ads. When a person searches a query on the google they are looking for the answer to problems. We search on google to learn more information about the topic, brand, business and product.
On the other hand, we use Facebook to read, view and watch the information that is relevant to our interest that engages us with family and friends. Google is more informative as compared to Facebook. On Facebook, common  people share their views and on google, information is shared by the particular person

Placement Strategy

Google Adwords uses a quality score to rank your advertisement and to determine how closely related your ad is to the search query a user is performing. The success of Google Adwords depends on the quality of the result that a user obtains from a search.
On the other hand, Facebook’s Ad platform uses a relevance score to determine the effectiveness of each ad. The higher your score the more your relevant your advertisement is to your target audience and the lower it will cost.

Google Adwords works best when someone searches for keywords on Google, the top results will be advertisements related to the person’s search.
While Facebook ads are business and brand awareness. Facebook ads not only increase your sale and profit but also a good platform for interaction and set up a good relationship with customers.

Audience Target

Google AdWords trigger ads based on user preferences. Google does not know people like facebook does, there is no like, follower or personal profile. Relevant ads are triggered primarily by search terms. When the term ‘English Course’  is searched on google, it shows ads related to it.
On Facebook, we can choose the audience for ads by using the filters provided by the people. It allows us to target people in various ways such as by interest, geography, gender age, demography, etc. So ads reached to the right person.

With AdWords, a click takes to a company’s landing page, where branding, design and sales copy send a strong signal to the user. If there are tons of ads and hyped headlines, they may question the trustworthiness of the company.
For Facebook powerful tools are in advertising. When people see that a friend already likes a product, trust barriers can be broken down much more quickly than with advertising alone.

Google AdWords and other services allow for demographic and keyword targeting. But with Facebook, you can target keywords and demographic locations with far more precision.
With Facebook ads, users see the ads on a regular basis. So, over the course of several interactions, they get to see what that brand is about before deciding to click through to their website or Facebook page.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads Difference

The big difference between them is of the price. The cost per click is lower on Facebook than AdWords.On AdWords, advertisers can spend more than 100$ per click, it’s really competitive industries but on facebook, you can pay as little as 0.25$ per click and mostly it depends on your target audience.

No doubt for is an effective way or advertisement and shows a similar result but still, there is a difference between their mode of advertising.

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