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In this book, I will tell you how to set goals, how to plan and then how to execute your blog business plan.

This book is not for those readers who want to earn money and become a billionaire, or how to earn online without doing anything, or work 4 hours and earn, how to earn money while you sleeping.

eBook title is inspired by the blow paragraph:

Let’s discuss the components of success, by the way, my definition of success is not to become a billionaire like Jack Ma or Mark Zuckerberg, they are few in billions of people. My definition of success is to do something which makes you happy and you feel satisfied.
The parts of getting to be plainly fruitful are:
➢ The correct Goals
➢ The Commitment to accomplish them
➢ The Consistency in your activities and
➢ The significance of Beginning today

Lets have a look

Blog Business Plan

Hope you will like it.

Blog Business Plan

I have divide the eBook in two parts one is planning and other is execution, in part one you will read about how to blog business plan, I have tried to explain the business planning in simple steps. In the second part I have explain how to execute your blog business plan by register your domain name, word-press installation and writing a blog according to your passion, then we have to promote our blog. Off course it blog writing is a business then we will study how can we generate income.

I will distribute this free, one of the objective will discussed in the book and other one is my purpose of blog writing. I want that you people also write something and share the knowledge with others.

If you want to get a free copy just subscribe. You can email me mail@qamarzahoor.com. Your feedback and suggestions will be helpful for me to improve the contents of this eBook as this is my First book.


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