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Keyword optimization techniques

Now a day internet is used for searching for information about people, product, services, latest trends, accessories and for a lot of other things. So Keyword optimization techniques are the need of time. For searching, they use some specific keywords which they stuff in the search engines. And search engines show websites related to those keywords in the form of search results.

Now, if your website is providing some good product or service. Then it is necessary that it has keywords that must be relevant and authentic in terms of product and service offering. These keywords generate revenue. In this way, you can appear on the top of the search engine result pages. And this is the way to monetize your website and blog.

SEO strategy

SEO strategy makes use of revenue-generating keywords, which are selected after thorough analysis in terms of usability, competitiveness, credibility and visibility, etc. These primary keywords focused around your business, maximize the effectiveness of the SEO strategy – bring quality traffic and improve the rankings of the website in the search engines and the result is earning.

So online Keywords are the foundation of digital marketing and advertisement. It is essential to choose the right keyword when you choose PPC marketing where you post ads and paper per click for them or to target search engine traffic.

How to choose revenue-generating keywords?

It is easy to find a long list of keywords but the difficulty is in finding a right and revenue generated keywords. Here are some techniques that you can use to help you to choose revenue-generating keywords :

  • Think about your target audience and what will the primary focus of your website.
  • Do some brainstorming for keywords that related to your website and people type in a search engine when they are looking for some product and service.
  • You can put one to three related keywords or keyword phrases that are site specific on each page of your website.
  • The keywords must be relevant because Choosing the relevant keyword will drive more traffic to your website and the ultimate outcome of this is your business profit.
  • Conduct proper keyword research by making use of trusted software to find keyword suggestions for your website the best one is Google Keyword Tool.
  • Your keywords should be used throughout the content of your web page because it creates impact.
  • When you are running a PPC campaign in AdWords, by setting up conversion tracking, you can find out which keywords convert. You just have to switch on conversion tracking and place a code in your landing page or thank you page that people reach when they finish making the payment for your product or service.
  • You can use Keywords in any advertisement for your website (classifieds or paid advertising).

 So Effective keyword optimization is the foundation of any online business. If Internet users can find you through the keywords that you have used in your website, and if these keywords are specific enough to generate targeted traffic, you will be successful in your online business.

Keyword optimization techniques

There are money keywords for every market and business. But to use them in the right place is also important Following are the best places to use your Keywords:

  • Title Tags: you can place your main keyword in the title tag.
  • Anchor Text:  Anchor text with Keyword focus from external links is an important factor.
  • Headings: The Keywords placed in the headings is an important factor. Try to keep them short (7-10 words). Also, use them in the H2 and H3 headings.
  • URL: You can use your keyword in your URL.
  • Alt Tags: Label images on your page with ALT/TITLE tag filled with some keywords.

With the relevant keyword, its placement is an important factor. Right placement generates the right result. Hopefully, these tips will help you to find revenue generated keywords.

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